We manage your batteries!

Focus on core business

You take care of your main application and we take care of the digital twin of your batteries.

  • We rely on a modular concept with standard modules and customer-specific extensions.
  • With the standard modules you benefit from fast availability and low costs.
  • With the customer-specific extensions you can achieve additional functionality and, for example, also monitor signals outside the batteries.

If your application already has the necessary connectivity, we provide you with the appropriate APIs for lean integration. We are also happy to support you directly in preparing and transferring the data. We are well networked and organize the necessary specialists so that you can focus on your core business.

Batteries are sensitive fellows

The life span and performance depends on the battery characteristics but is decisively influenced by the usage.

  • Life span: With optimal conditions for the batteries you're able to significantly extend the life span.
  • Efficiency: By extending the batteries life span not only more ecological but also saves money.
  • Simulator: Try our Simulator and see the impact on life span and performance.

Data analysis is complex

We collect the relevant measurements of your batteries and store them in a Digital Twin in the cloud. We apply our battery aging model to this.

Recommendation: We give you regular reports on the optimized use of the batteries