State of Health Simulator
info The State of Health Simulator shows the battery capacity curve for a typical NMC lithium cell. The calculation also fits to other cells with graphite anode like NCA or LFP. Our cloud-SOH, which was developed for the calculation of real-time data, runs in the background. We would be happy to adapt our model to your individual cell!
info Maximum state of charge for the average cycle at nominal capacity. If the charger is not deliberately tuned down, the value is 100%.
info SOCmin indicates the state of charge up to which the battery is discharged in the average cycle. Reserve also serves as a buffer for the decreasing capacity. Typical value: 30%.
info State of Charge value in idle state between cycles. This value is important for calendar aging. If the battery is always fully charged after use, this corresponds to SOCmax.
info Temperature of the battery in °C (not ambient temperature)
info Indicates how often a battery is charged per day (cycles).
info Number of full cycles with 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) until the battery capacity drops to 80%.
info Capacity loss after 2 years at 25°C and SOC=30-40%. Typically this value is 3 to 8% for older cells. Newer cells often reach < 2%.